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Essential use, budget-friendly
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Full platform support
Unlimited GPT3 and Claude (fair-use)
Customized commands
Voice convesation
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🔥 Daily use, work dependent
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One Year
Include essential plan
GPT-4 and Claude2 support
OpenAI and Microsoft engines
Unlimited commands
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Big capacity, touch future
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Include premium plan
GPT-4 and Claude2 big capacity
Chat with pdf and docs
Remove hourly limitation
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ChatGPT on any websites
Offer free 20 messages daily
AI Shortcuts for Text Selection
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Does Lunabot support GPT-4?
Lunabot provides GPT-4 at an affordable price with fewer limitations. You have the option to switch between modes at any time using the Telegram bot, web app, or browser plugins.
Is it possible to use Lunabot on a mobile phone?
You can use Lunabot on Telegram and even activate it with "Hey, Siri". It provides a straightforward and helpful experience for using ChatGPT. We plan to offer a mobile app in the future.
Is it possible for me to change my Paid Plan at any time?
Yes, you have the flexibility to switch between plans at any time. We manage subscriptions through Stripe/PayPal. If you opt for a one-time payment, the plan's expiration time will be recalculated when you upgrade or downgrade.
How many GPT-4 messages are included in the plans?
Due to the high cost of the GPT-4 model, the quota may be dynamic. PREMIUM: Limitations may be similar to those of ChatGPT official and have a joint capacity to control costs. SUPER: No other limitation, should be 1000 messages per month