Extension 1.2.5 update

Make AI capabilities truly integrated into life and work

Lunabot AI is an intelligent assistant that can help you with various tasks such as translation, grammar analysis, summarization, etc. Recently, Edge, Chrome and Firefox have been updated with the latest versions, all of which already support GPT4 and custom commands, and there are many improvements, which means Lunabot AI is even more powerful.

💡GPT4 support

is a new natural language processing technology that is more logical compared to GPT3.5. Lunabot AI offers GPT4 used more times than the official website, which means you can use this new technology more often. Note that GPT4 will be slightly slower, but it works better.

🧩 Customized commands

In addition to the translation, grammar analysis, and summarization features provided, Lunabot AI also supports custom commands. You can customize your own shortcut commands when selecting text, writing and chatting to get the job done quickly. This means you can use Lunabot AI according to your needs more easily and quickly.

🚀 Other

In addition, Lunabot AI supports sidebar drag-and-drop for size control, copy code support, optimized and fixed STOP issues, improved stability, and more. These improvements make Lunabot AI easier to use and more stable and reliable.

All in all, Lunabot AI is a very useful intelligent assistant that can help you accomplish various tasks and make your life and work more convenient. If you haven't used Lunabot AI yet, go install and use it now!