Lunabot Webapp release DALL·E 3 and Gemini Pro

We are pleased to announce that the Lunabot Web app has been launched and now supports DALL·E 3 image generation and Google's Gemini Pro AI model. This update provides users with a wider range of application choices and more powerful features.

DALL·E 3 is a powerful image generation tool that can transform text descriptions into detailed images. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to generate corresponding images from the text descriptions provided by users, greatly improving the convenience and possibilities of creation.

The Gemini Pro AI model is Google's latest artificial intelligence model, offering more accurate results and more efficient performance. The uniqueness of this model lies in its ability to understand and handle complex issues and provide high-quality answers. Its efficiency and accuracy enable users to obtain the information they need more quickly and accurately.

We look forward to these new features further enhancing the experience of Lunabot users.

Lunabot aims to provide more favorable always-online AI services, using AI to increase work efficiency and bring convenience to life!